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LM II Ministries


LM II Ministries is a God Trusting, Spirit-Led, Holy Ghost Filled Ministry that Loves God and His people! We look to The Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is the author and the finisher of our faith; the one who defeated satan at Calvary's Cross, and the one who payed for our sins through his blood for our deliverence. We believe in the True POWER of the Holy Ghost. We are a Ministry that seeks the face of God and believe in the "HOLY BIBLE" the True Word of God. Holy living is our way of life; We are constantly seeking for SOULS to be saved through JESUS Christ Our Lord and Savior. We are the Ministry that "Preaches" deliverance to them who are bound, and We know the yolk destroying power of the Anoiting of God. We are a ministry that cares for you. We want to see you living the way God wants you to live, "free from sin," so we want you to be highly blessed of the Lord.
LM II Ministries is a ministry that Loves You and will continue to pray for you. We hope that God will allow us to meet in person because we do not meet any strangers. LM II Ministries, the ministry that truly believes,
 " Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever" Heb 13:8 
May God Bless You,

Evg. Leroy Martin II

Evg. Leroy Martin II-Founder Overseer